Alte Liebe

Dich zu vermissen, das Gefühl prägt mich nun wieder. Dich zu berühren, das möchten meine Hände nicht mehr missen. Dich zu küssen, deine weichen Lippen spüren. Deine Hand halten, zeigen, dass du ein Teil von mir bist. Deinen Atem spüren, wenn ich morgens erwache. Sehnsucht haben, wenn du einfach mal nicht da bist.

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Never again

Never again. All the friends I have, All the loves I had, All the things I've made, All I can't change, never again. _____________________________________________

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Another life

I just want to live another life. A life, where I have real friends who respect and love me. A life, where my family is happy and lives in harmony. A life, where I can live with myself. _________________________________________________

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Sitting on the bench next to the rainbow, a couple remembers their first day again. Thinking about the first touch and kisses, they look into each others eyes and smile. Saying no word and lying in the arms, they know that they will never let it go. Their love, that connects them for many years, started on that bench where they sit in here. Knowing that these are his last days in life, she kisses him with a breeze of life-time. ____________________________________________

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